Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A VERY Rough Day to be a Democrat!

Ouch! There really aren't any other words to describe the recent controversy surrounding two big headlines this morning: the more major one, of course, being Massachusett's (beloved?) Senator John Kerry's slander of the military Monday and continued defiance yesterday, the minor being prominent Maine lawyer and Democratic activist Tom Connolly's dressing up as Osama bin Laden yesterday--complete with fake semi-automatic rifle and fake ammo--and walking along the highway, scaring motorists. While the latter is obviously more local, Democratic candidates for next week's elections are distancing themselves from both of these men. And who can blame them?!
Connolly sounds like some radical wacko, but Kerry, to be honest with you, shocks me. As one who served in the military as a "well-educated" young man, his "joke" was all over the place: he did mean to make fun of himself and poke at President Bush's lack of military action, but instead all that really sticks is slander towards the troops--not a good time at all coming on the heels of October being reported as the deadliest month yet for U.S. troops. And of course the elections now less than a week away. Democratic candidates nationwide, given a boost by the recent Republican page scandals and other minor scandals, have lost much if not all that momentum in two short days with the Kerry and Connolly hijinks. While, locally, I don't see this as hurting Deval Patrick much, it does give "the other Kerry," Lieutenant Governor Healey, plenty of fodder for the last Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate tonight--and as we all know she doesn't need another thing! Blogs that I've skimmed are buzzing with conspiracy theories saying that John Kerry was paid off by Republicans to make such remarks--to be honest with you that was one of the first things that came to mind for me. Has he flipped sides; does he want to be reduced to flipping burgers; is he committing "political suicide" on purpose?! Who the heck knows?! One thing's for sure... it's a very rough day to be a Democrat, especially one going for an office next week.
Furthermore, the rumors of him taking another shot at the Presidency in '08--and perhaps winning this time--may stay just that after this. Just think--if Dubya hadn't been kept in the Oval Office by the moronic half of the country that though he was actually *good* for this country, Kerry would be President right now. And now we all get a taste of what it could have been like. Good job, Kerry, way to prove you're just as much of a bumbling talk-before-I-think idiot as Dubya! Even Dubya's seemingly unscripted rants in reply to Kerry that the "troops really are educated" sound more plausible, and this coming from the King of unscripted and buffoon-like rants over the last six years. Again, way to go Kerry and Connolly--you haven't brought down the house, but you've certainly flooded the basement. One word: apologize. Both of you. Now.


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