Thursday, October 12, 2006

MBTA: When Things Go Right

After riding my bicycle in to work Tuesday and Wednesday (holiday on Monday), due to morning intermittent rain, I chickened out on the bike thing and went back to my old routine of attempting to make the 6:20 inbound train from Chelsea to North Station and subsequent Oak Grove-bound Orange Line connection to Sullivan Square work for me, that is give me enough time to walk the 0.8 miles to my job from there. This basically entails getting to Sullivan Square by 6:48 at the latest in order to be on time. And, admittedly I did arrive at Sullivan Square easy-enough at 6:42, despite the 6:20 being about 45 seconds late (some of the delay was in the station while waiting for the conductor, who misjudged how much time it took to get to Chelsea, to unlock the platform covering the stairs at the doors in between the power coach and 2nd/4th cars). The 6:35 Orange Line train came at a leisurely 6:37 so I didn't have to rush from the Commuter Rail station and the trip was nice and quick, taking the usual four minutes and change. So, thanks, MBTA; add this to your small collection of "When Things Go Right."


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