Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Healey, Question One Nay-Sayers Put Out Last Minute "Tame" Ads; and "Hello" Question 3!

The elections are but a week away and for the last few days both Kerry Healey's campaign team and the nay-sayers of Question One, concerning increased wine licenses in "convenience stores," supermarkets and gas station markets, have put out new "tame" ads! Go figure--it's only taken them a good two months to realize that all the negative campaigning has been highly ineffective. But, if anything, these new ads simply will go down in history as a way of saying that the people and ideas they represent weren't completely crazy--not nearly effective enough to actually sway many voters. Let's start with the Healey ad:
"Healey ad" follows "average suburban jogger guy," as he's narrating the "average suburban sentiment" towards Deval Patrick. It's not entirely untrue: Patrick did crop out pretty much out of nowhere. But the rest, concerning his stance on political issues and crime is just more of the same rhetoric, clearly aimed at striking fear and awareness in the "nice neighborhood" suburban communities, and timed well to come on the heels on Newton being knocked off the rank of America's safest (suburb of a) city. In short, more creative, but still accusatory and saying nothing of her own "50-point" goals. I'll give it a B.
Next to the new nay-sayer Question One ad which, this time, features your average-boy-in-blue Somerville, MA, cop talking about the how passage of Question One is going to "double the number of wine licenses," with Somerville going "from 26 to 46." This is just the next random Chief of Police being used as a pawn for bad statistics which have already proven that even with passage of this Question, since each supermarket/"convenience store"/gas station market franchise will need town/city approval to obtain the license, the number may not increase by more than 50%, if that. Yet a Somerville cop this was a doubly bad pick: anybody who's been following the news knows that this is coming from the same paranoid city which wanted to literally ban for today the sale of eggs citywide in order to prevent children from egging houses! Good try; still voting "yes."
And last but not least, Question Three--although, honestly, very near least because I haven't seen or heard of a single ad for it until watching 7-NBC this morning. Something about children and caregivers and education and something; I'm keeping it vague to prove my point. I really don't know anything about this Question, or any of the others, except One, for that matter. I mean, there was something a while back about the Mass. insurance thing, but, to be honest with you, Question One has so dominated the headlines that I don't know if that was an earlier referendum or if it's still on the ballot. My point: I really don't know. Apparently they're not controversial issues--not even the media gives them airtime. I'll go look them up sometime before next Tuesday.


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