Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Menino Never Runs Out of Ways to Skirt Cop Solution to Boston Violence: Next Step, No-Car-for-You

Train Mon defending Massachusetts drivers? If I told you why would you forgive me?
Let's start with the fact that I am one, a commercial driver in fact. Not that it matters--I'm not the violent type. My point--that up until age 19 1/2 I didn't drive anything, unless you count training with a permit. Yet I could've still been the violent type. Which begs the question, what set of penalties are equivalent to suspending driver's licenses and revoking auto insurance plans for convicted illegal gun-toters and illegal gun sellers for people who *gasp* A) don't have a license and/or B) don't drive. And even if they do have a (valid) license and do drive and they lose one or both privileges, there's public transit--so do we take away their right to take public transit too? I mean as much as people b**** and moan about public transit in this state as compared to, say, the NYC-Newark-Westchester County Megalopolis, taking away licenses here wouldn't nearly be as detrimental here as, umm, Louisiana. There you can't even catch a bus if the water is rising (ouch, I know). I mean, Mayor, if you think taking away someone's driving mobility is really a crime deterrent, we should take away his/her right to take public transit too since it is available.
But perhaps perps will ride bicycles after they can't drive--think about it, drive-by's and exercise. So, is that the next step, Mayor--no bicycles for perps? I, mean after successfully getting Newbury Street's FCUK store to take down "violently suggestive" mannequins in its store front, putting the screws to MBTA GM Dan Grabauskas to take Grand Theft Auto ads off of trolleys because they were "violenty suggestive" to Greater Boston youth and the proposed license and auto insurance penalties, no public transit and no-bicycle-for-you seem like the next logical steps... in a long journey leading up to the real solution to deter Boston's crime woes: the so-called hiring of 190 new sworn officers the Mayor spoke of in his State of the City address last night. Did I mention perps could still walk...



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