Friday, September 01, 2006

Magic Gates Functional at Sullivan Square...already!

So it's a little before Thanksgiving (see my post "Train Mon's Final Verdict: "Charlie" equally as so-so as the rest of the MBTA"). Upon exiting from the Sullivan Square Station this morning, noticed that the T has filled in what for two days were empty spaces between the huge globs of steel better known as the new turnstiles with the magic green gates. This after activating since early this week the Charlie Ticket (and soon -Card) dispensing machines so that single-ride people can actually buy something to put in the machines. As with all other stations, the ex-token clerk is now tasked with watching over the machines and answering questions for the next month or so until everybody ( or at least your average daily commuter) gets it, as well as the infrequent presence of your Transit Police officer to make sure that people don't figure out too soon the obvious fact that, after taking what seems like an eternity when you need to catch a train to open, the gates stay open long enough shove a baby elephant--and its trainer--through. I'm going to get my first test of the gate-opening wait-and-rush-to-train this afternoon. Of course, as the 4:59 southbound train has been coming at 5:02 lately, I'll probably make that as usual; the 4:54 likes to come at 4:53 lately, so I just miss it.


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